A famous furniture group in Beijing is looking for a design manager for their design center. The group has many showrooms in big cities of China and the products are all the international high-end furniture brands, like Fendi, Zanaboni, Caspani Tino, Savio Firmino etc.

Job description:
1) Overall management of Design Center and responsible for the work results of the department;
2) Working with other staff to complete on-site measurements and soft and hard furnishing design work for VIP clients of the Company;
3) Working with other staff to review the soft furnishing proposals of all showrooms of the Company; and to complete review, monitor and evaluate decoration and display proposals and adjustments for big showrooms;
4) Leading designers of the Company to design all soft furnishing design solutions and develop and standardize brand-tailored design solutions based on styles of products;
5) Focusing on analyzing domestic and foreign soft furnishing market trends and developing soft furnishing solutions for target clients;
6) Assisting in products procurement of the Company;
7) Monthly review of soft furnishing solutions by sales and design consultants of the Company and regular training and performance training of design consultants of the Company;
8) Organizing collection of soft furnishing client cases, skills and design resources;

1.Professional degree in Architecture, Interior design or related field (bachelor or above)
2. minimum 10 years interior design experience
3. Experience as a team leader and good leadership skills
4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, having team spirit.
5. Good command of AutoCAD, Photoshop, SketchUp, etc.
6. Self discipline and strong responsibility
7. Ability to project manage and communicate with clients.
8. Oral and written English preferred

Contact: Mario Bricco