The Institute of Architecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design is seeking applicants for doctoral research within the field of architectural sustainability, in the intersection of tectonic culture, architectural innovation and Nordic approaches to building.

This call for a PhD studentship within the Institute of Architecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design seeks applicants who wish to contribute to the nascent field of critical studies in sustainability in architecture that is currently being developed in the Nordic context.

The research environment:
Over the next four years the Institute of Architecture aims to create a unique research environment on sustainability studies. This embraces existing research into the architecture of sustainability through initiatives such as the Wood Be Better project, a multidisciplinary study of the use of wood in urban areas and the Research Centre for Architecture and Tectonics work on architectural history from a performance perspective. The environment will contribute both to AHO’s masters programme in architecture as well as to ongoing research on the cultural significance of architectural production made across AHO. The main point of contact for the position is Professor Thomas McQuillan. The sustainability initiative within the institute is made in collaboration with Professors Marius Nygaard and Michael Hensel.

Applicants should possess a master’s degree in architecture and should submit a preliminary project description that addresses these or related themes, and describes intended research questions, methods and expected results. In addition applicants should submit a detailed portfolio and examples of writing. Applicants should demonstrate an understanding of the practical aspects of building and the implications of sustainability for the future of the profession.

Personal qualities and skills:
Originality, analytical skills and an ability to express ideas in written and designed form.

Position and salary:
The PhD fellowship will start in September 2016.
The length of the fellowship will be three or four years full time, dependent on whether the candidate is found qualified to undertake teaching duties as part of the PhD position. The position requires full time residency for the full three or four year period. Research stay at a relevant international academic institution is a possibility.

The PhD candidate is required to attend the AHO Research School in his or her first year. This is a mandatory introduction programme for all PhD candidates admitted to the PhD programme at AHO. The Research School runs for two semesters and has a total scope of 45 ECTS. Research School attendance is compulsory.

PhD researcher fellow (SKO 1017) pay grade 50 (NOK 430.500,-)
A monthly deduction of 2% will be made as a contribution to the State Pension fund (SPK). Normal employment conditions for state employees apply for the position.

Please apply online:
Application deadline: March 6, 2016

The application must include:
– an application letter describing relevant background, motivation, research experience and network. (maximum of two A4 pages)
– a fully completed application form
– a tentative project outline of maximum three pages, formulating and discussing the research field and methodology
– curriculum vitae
– copies of educational certificates (foreign applicants must attach an explanation of their university’s grading system)
– two references to persons that may be contacted for discussion of the applicant´s qualifications for the research position; in addition, written recommendations may be submitted
– list of publications and/or design work
– applicants who do not have English as their mother tongue must provide full and formal documentation of English proficiency (TOEFL-test or similar).

All documentation for the application should be in English.

The material for the PhD application will be assessed according to the following criteria:
– the quality and clarity of the submitted project proposal
– the academic competence of the applicant
– practical knowledge of architecture
– the ability to finish a doctoral research project