Project and job description:
While the increased use of renewable energy and the abatement of greenhouse gasses have been actively pursued by energy and climate policies for some 20 years, energy efficiency has been given a more important role only recently. Important milestones are the European Union’s Energy Efficiency Directive and Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050.
According to the latter, electricity use shall be reduced by 10% until 2050 which is a very challenging goal considering population growth and structural changes favouring increased application of electricity. Against this background the objective of the position at the University of Geneva is to study in detail the current level of energy efficiency and the potentials for energy savings in Switzerland. The bottom-up analysis is expected to lead to so-called cost-supply curves of energy efficiency measures for Switzerland.

In a first step, the focus of the research, which is purely desktopbased, will be on measures for saving electricity in the residential sector, thereby covering both the short term and the medium term. Different tariff designs aiming for maximal energy savings will be studied, with the objective of informing policy makers.

It is planned to expand the scope in a second step, e.g. by studying savings of fuel use and energy efficiency in the commercial sector.

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