Mikou Design Studio is a place of creation and experimentation in architecture and its inter-disciplinary cross-fertilisation. We work in a continuous workshop spirit with a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and town planners from very different cultural backgrounds.

We are seeking lead architects with four years working experience minimum in major international architect firms with “built” projects experience, who are strong in design/control of building details/key joints and extreme familiar with all drawing contents in the PD, SD and DD stage.

The architects also have to be very strong in concept design to be able to manage competition projects.

The applicant must be fluent in French, strong in construction packages and detailed design co-ordination, familiar with construction stages.

He/she has to be strong in 3D modelling with Rhino or SketchUp or 3D StudioMax, 2D drafting with AutoCAD, graphic work with Photoshop, and InDesign, presentation work with PowerPoint. (If you don’t have the required profile please don’t send application.)

The applicant should also have great communication skill with a warm and cheerful personality. Confident and positive with hard competition schedules, well organised, and has the ability of dealing with multi tasks.

Please submit applications including CV and work sample portfolio in PDF (< 2 MB) to: job@mikoustudio.com (and only this email address).