In this exciting position, you will be leading the UDM chair in pursuit of its mission: to develop useful academic concepts, tools and principles for the management of integrative, area-based development efforts in contemporary cities and urban regions. Your main research task will be to strengthen and expand the UDM programme within the Management and Innovation for the Built Environment (IMBE) framework. This means that you will be expected to initiate, acquire, and perform scientific research projects, to participate as a partner in national and international research consortia, and to publish in and edit (international) scientific journals and (national) professional media. In addition, you will also be expected to disseminate research results through the participation in and/or organisation of international conferences and seminars, and pursue societal impact by interacting with professional individuals, institutions and organisations. You will also actively recruit and supervise PhD students.

As full professor, you will lead the development, organisation, execution, and evaluation of parts of the educational programme within the faculty (BSc programme) and department (MSc programme). You will also supervise graduate students, and develop, organise, and participate in the post-experience MSc City Developer program, as well as in other post-academic courses and/or contract teaching.

The applicant should be an internationally renowned expert in the field of urban planning and/or real estate. He or she should hold a doctorate obtained at an internationally recognised academic institution and have substantial research experience, both quantitative and qualitative, demonstrated through high-quality publications. Although the position has an emphatically international orientation – specifically Europe, the United States, and east Asia – an affinity for Dutch urban planning and development practice will be highly appreciated.

Applicants should display broad insight into the disciplines involved in the study of urban development projects, and their relation to other scientific disciplines. Experience in setting up and managing interdisciplinary research projects is required, along with a proven track record in acquisition of contract research and other externally funded research – specifically NWO and/or EU grants.

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