The AUDE unit (Architectural and Urban Design and Engineering) is one of the four units making up the Department of the Built Environment. The unit consists of four chairs namely, the chair of Architectural Design and Engineering (ADE), Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA), Rational Architecture (RA) and Architectural History and Theory (AHT). Spatial design is both the raison d’être of the unit as a whole as well as the binding force between the chairs.
The assistant professor will contribute both to the teaching, the research and the organisation of the ADE chair and the AUDE Unit.

As far as teaching is concerned the successful candidate will take on curricular subjects but also participate in design studio during the bachelor and master phases of the curriculum. The candidate will be expected to evaluate and renew parts of the curriculum.

With regard to research the successful candidate will be expected to initiate and contribute to the chair’s ambitions with regard to research with a special focus on the academic exploration of research by design and the engineering of the built environment. The research activities will be subsumed under the research program of the Unit called “Living Cities”. The assistant professor may be invited to participate in the various deliberative bodies of the unit, the faculty and the university.

The successful candidate:
– Has a graduate degree in architecture;
– Has completed a PhD in a subject that is relevant to this function;
– Has practical experience within the field of architectural design;
– Has a clearly articulated view of the meaning of architectural design within both a professional and an academic context;
– Has a demonstrable interest in the reciprocity of technology and design;
– Has demonstrable educational skills;
– Participates in a relevant academic and societal network, preferably on an international level;
– Is a team-player;
– Has adequate communication skills, both in the spoken and the written word;
– Speaks and writes English fluently.

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